Natural Stone Protection

All natural stone, be it marble, limestone or granite, needs to be cared for and protected from the elements. Their porous nature allows water, oil and other unwanted impurities and stains to settle within them causing discoloration and deterioration. NYLOSEAL Stone Care products permeate any natural stone and prevent decay by repelling water and oils. 

Protect & Preserve Any Material

Natural Stone PROTECTION

solutions for a Wide variety of surfaces

Nyloseal quick

Water & Dust Repellent

NYLOSEAL QUICK water-based technology is a quick-drying, inexpensive hydrophobic solution suitable for use on all natural stone – marble, limestone, sandstone and granite.

NYloseal plus

enhanced protection

NYLOSEAL PLUS solvent-based technology is an advanced hydrophobic nano solution providing excellent protection against water damage.

nyloseal champ

All-round proofing agent

NYLOSEAL CHAMP solvent-based technology is a hydrophobic as well as oleophobic nano solution providing superior protection against water, oils and other tough stains.

nyloseal white

supreme preservation for white stone

NYLOSEAL WHITE is a hydro/oleophobic solution specifically engineered to protect and preserve white natural stones. 

nyloseal hue

color enhancer

NYLOSEAL HUE solvent-based technology is a 2-in-1 solution to impart hydrophobic characteristics to natural stone as well as enhance its appearance to the desired brilliance. 

nyloseal spot

stain remover

NYLOSEAL SPOT is designed for safe maintenance and routine cleaning of natural stones. 

Wood treatment

solutions for all different kinds of wood

Nylopro defend

Water Repellent & Weather Proofing

Product Information Coming Soon

NYlopro muscle

strength enhancer

Product Information Coming Soon

nylopro tint

water repellent color enhancer

Product Information Coming Soon

fabric care

protective solutions for several different types of fabric

Nylofab eco

Water Repellent & stain resistant

Super-quick drying and safe hydrophobic solution suitable to use on several fabrics including leather.

glass coatings

coatings for improved performance

Nylogen crystal

Water Repellent - easy wipe

Product Information Coming Soon

Nylogen chill

heat blocking agent

Product Information Coming Soon

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