Foam Control Agents

Foaming during chemical processes is highly unwanted as it causes severe problems – Efficiency of the process drastically reduces , reaction vessels and surrounding premises can be subject to damage, time taken to complete increases and defects to your finished products are likely. NYLOFOAM series of anti-foaming agents kills micro and macro foaming bubbles and mitigates the potential harm without taking part in the reaction. NYLOFOAM anti-foaming range is designed to work in several different systems for several different industries.

Industries We Cater To

Vegetable Processing


Paints and Inks

Pulp and Paper



Latex Gloves


NYLO Speciality adhesive


NYLO Lubricants


Nylo Agrochemical additives


NYLO Effluent Treatment

Effluent Treatment



Chemical additives that hinder foaming in industrial processes. NYLO produces a range of various types of defoamers - oil based, water based, silicone/non-silicone, and EO/PO Block copolymers.

Anti-Foaming Agents

Chemical additives that prevent the formation of foam in industrial processes. NYLO produces a range of various types of Anti-foaming agents - oil based, water based, silicone/non-silicone, and EO/PO Block copolymers.

Wetting Agents

chemical substances that increases the spreading and penetrating properties of a liquid by lowering its surface tension. NYLO produces a range of apeo-free surfactants designed specially for subjected processes.

Dispersing Agents

Chemical substances added to a suspension of solid or liquid particles in a liquid (such as a colloid or emulsion) to improve the separation of the particles and to prevent their settling or clumping.


Chemical substances that remove oxygen and other dissolved gases from liquids and pumpable compounds.

Leveling Agents

Chemical agents which work on the dye molecule and help in fixing the particles evenly on the substrate

Anti-Webbing Agents

These are chemical additives specially used in the latex glove manufacturing process to prevent webbing, thereby reducing the number of defected gloves.

Anti-Crater/Pinhole Agents

Special chemical additives that promote even distribution of coatings and prevent craters during application on the substrate.

gemini surfactants

gemini technology surfactants are highly effective additives that perform at uber capacity due to the presence of a diol group in their molecule. these are especially designed for water-based coating systems.


Fluorosurfactants are chemical compounds composed of two parts: polar hydrophilic head and highly hydrophobic fluorocarbon tail. Fluorocarbons have outstanding physico-chemical properties determined by the very special properties of fluorine.

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