NYLO Speciality Chemicals

division of belami fine chemicals pvt. ltd. (est. 1957)


Laboratory Testing

Belami has set up a dedicated application laboratory to test the performance of its several speciality offerings. State-of-the-art scientific instruments have been installed for precise readings.


Belami Fine Chemicals has its manufacturing unit in Navi Mumbai with minimum production capacity of 5,000 MT per year with a second unit for increased capacity in the works.

Technical Support

After-Sales-Service  by trained technical staff is available at all times to all of belami’s customers. 

Why Choose Nylo?

Experienced & Trusted

NYLO is a brand brought to you by Belami Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, a company that has been serving its customers with integrity since 1957.

Comprehensive Support

NYLO's mission is to provide its customers with chemical products as well as superior support and service surrounding these products.

Timely Precision

NYLO is committed to deliver its products and services when they are required enabling just-in-time deliveries.

Quality Guarantee

A NYLO stamp is a sign of quality. We serve each customer's needs with utmost accuracy with every shipment of product and ounce of service.

Simple Communications

NYLO understands the need to minimize the complexities of doing business and makes its customers' experience smooth and secure.

Competitive Pricing

NYLO is a household name by having a wide variety of products available at fair market rates.

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